Everyday essentials for hitting the beach. Sunscreen - check, water bottles - check. Don't forget those everyday eco surf essentials.


As surfers it's important to reduce the risk of developing a melanoma or skin cancer, especially in tropical places where the sun is intense and O-zone layer protection depleted. After trying many products on the market, there's only one which we sand by and that's Raw Elements, developed by a lifeguard and free from harmful chemicals that other sunscreens contain.

Limited Edition

Our limited edition collections include bespoke designs that will only be available for a short period of time whilst our stocks last. Own an eco surf product that you and just a handful of others will ever have.


Bamboo Society offers high quality eco friendly bamboo products for the eco-conscientious market


Eco friendly marble swirl unique design available in various colors

Swell Lines

Swell Lines fins


Eco hand shaped surfboards from Germany


100% Cork Agglomerate traction pads

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